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One-day journey

Meet Ohana

Meet Ohana, our purpose-built (84 foot) luxury expedition vessel that will be unlocking an oceanic doorway for guests to discover some of the Kimberley region’s most remote and iconic destinations, all in a single day.

Ohana is a true marvel of modern-day marine innovation, beginning her journey as an ordinary cray fishing boat before becoming the powerful and luxurious cruiser she is today.

Ohana was specifically chosen and expertly rebuilt to gift our passengers rare and awe-inspiring access, travelling more than 120 kilometers through the remote Buccaneer Archipelago and out to Horizontal Falls, all in a single day of travel – something that’s never been done before!

Awarded for Excellence

Launched in 2015 by specialist engineering company Xtreme Marine of Geraldton, The Ohana first made a splash in the boating industry by winning its category in the Ausmarine Awards for shipbuilding excellence.

The 23.5m vessel was purchased by Kimberley Day Cruise in 2021. Identified for its superior engineering and cruising speed that would enable a round-trip tour to the Horizontal Falls in a single day. Ohana offers excellent stability and reaches an impressive cruising speed of 25 knots.

Built for Dining Comfort

More recently, Ohana has been completely remodelled with a contemporary open kitchen and bar – to allow our professional hospitality team to provide an exceptional dining service on the rich seas.

We’ve installed full-back, extra-wide seating – in elegant cream marine leather, placed around shared group tables catering for up to 8 guests. The large, shaded awning covers the dining deck, with 270-degree views over the Kimberley coast when seated. For your convenience, there are two toilets onboard and our quality sound system promotes a relaxed, convivial atmosphere throughout the day.

Guests are also free to wander around the deck spotting marine and bird wildlife at leisure, or to chat with one of our knowledgeable guides who ensure your every need is taken care of.

Journey with Safety in Mind

To safely manage one of the largest tidal changes in the world, Ohana is fitted with the latest technology in marine satellite communication, navigation and carries two RIB tenders for guest transfers on and off the vessel.

At the entrance to the Horizontal Falls, Kimberley Day Cruise provides off-boat excursions in our state-of-the-art Australian military-built speed boat, with a comfortable Swedish design, captained by two highly qualified skippers.

In fact, when it comes to safety standards, we are breaking new ground. Our insurer, Ship Owners Mutual of Singapore, endorsed our Tour Safety Manual as one of the most comprehensive they have seen to date – declaring Kimberley Day Cruise to be setting a new benchmark for marine safety and best practice in the region.

It’s a small thing that could make a big difference.

Get a better feel for the Ohana with our deck plan.